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Russia has resources to pay its debt, according to Central Bank

The president of the Russian Central Bank, Elvira Nabiúllina, assured that the country's Ministry of Finance has resources to meet its debt commitments, so there can be no talk of any default.

Mexican president demands IMF’s fair treatment of Argentina

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador demanded that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) treat Argentina fairly, and urged it to assume its responsibility for Argentina's excessive debt. At his...

Biden to face serious challenges in the US Congress

United States President Joe Biden is facing serious challenges in Congress after the approval on Thursday of the extension of the budget that prevented the partial shutdown of the government.

US Bipartisan Group alerts of debt default

The US Bipartisan Policy Center alerted that on the payment of the debt could cause catastrophic damage to the country. A report of the BPC was published on the...

Spain received 9 billion euros in UE aid

The European Union (EU) sent 9 billion euros to Spain as a first aid package to compensate the huge losses caused by Covid-19. This sum is part of the...
Iván Zamorano

Iván Zamorano resuelve deudas y le levantan un embargo

Un Juzgado civil de Santiago de Chile puso fin a un juicio contra la empresa "Del Inca Sociedad de Inversiones Limitada"