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Nicaragua expects to export lobster to European Union countries

Nicaragua plans today to export lobster to European Union countries, after the regional bloc authorized it, and the Central American nation passed verification of quality standards of fishery products.

Egypt’s Suez Canal to increase toll rates as of February 2022

Egypt's Suez Canal Authority (SCA) announced that it will increase toll rates for ships transiting through the canal by 6.0 percent as of February 2022. In a communique, SCA...

Mexico negotiates embargo on shrimp fishing with US

Mexico negotiates with the United States the suspension of embargo on coastal shrimp fishing enforced since last June, which prevents the commercialization of the product caught offshore in that country.

Cuban and Canadian nautical centers promote diving trips

Cuba's Empresas de Marinas y Náutica Marlin S.A. signed an agreement to promote diving trips here, European media reported on Saturday. The Spanish electronic bulletin 'Buen Viaje a Cuba'...

Resucita el Titanic en China

Es una réplica que formará parte de un parque temático que se encontrará a más de mil kilómetros del mar. La historia del Titanic plasmada en la pantalla grande...