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Ayuda para mujeres que viven algún tipo de violencia doméstica

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Immigration Canada forces mother-to-be to raise child on her own

Canada decided that this couple's marriage was "not genuine." Now, a Canadian woman is forced… […]

Creative freedom censored in Iran

New Canadian Media spoke with Iranian theatre creatives on their experiences dealing with the strict… […]

My battle scars

My childhood was robbed by wars, writes Vancouver-based writer, as he witnesses echoes of his… […]

The inflation nightmare is keeping Canadians awake at night

With the Consumer Price Index at a 30-year high, most Canadians — including new immigrants… […]

Turkish refugee lawyer drowns in Lake Simcoe while saving his friend’s life

Go Fund Me campaign climbs to nearly $100,000 in little more than a day. The… […]

Toronto Police data confirms systemic racism against Black communities

Alok Mukherjee, a former Police Services Board chair from 2005 to 2015, said that data… […]

‘Alarming levels’ of stress found amongst Canadian media workers: study

Journalists are experiencing high rates of stress and mental health conditions. Journalists of colour could… […]

Athletes Inner Strength: Speaking up about mental health

Athletes have not been spared from the mental health challenges of the pandemic but their… […]

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