Why send your loved ones away from home?

A lot of families in Canada would not want to send their parents and grandparents to Long Term care or Retirement Homes; if only they could get affordable and trusted care at home. Today, arranging help at home is so expensive that families are forced to send their parents and grandparents away. I have created this hybrid and unique model of home care where she works with families to create a care plan that brings this home care at half the cost compared to other home care agencies. But why would I want to offer home care at half the cost, when other home care agencies are milking money in this business!!

Why and how?

This wasn’t easy for me as I was diagnosed with cancer few years back. I not only beat cancer but also decided to solve this problem of lack of empathy and affordability in home care for families. But how did I do this? Let me take you on this inspiring story.

I moved to Canada in 2012 with my husband. I went through my career struggles like any immigrant and on top of it being a woman to make an impact outside the four walls of the home. I worked through several admin jobs in Toronto at Chiropodist, Optometry and Dental clinics for 7 years. One morning at the peak of pandemic in the year 2020, when I was moving to my new home with family, I learnt that I have cancer. The world turned upside down for me, my husband and our 8-year-old daughter.

It is during my several hospital appointments, going through systemic barriers in treatment cycle and seeing the importance of family in pandemic that made me decide that I will help families keep their loved ones at home. I not only continued my Nursing schooling in the middle of my cancer treatment; but also worked from the hospital bed to lay the foundation of a company Universal Health Hub (www.UniversalHealthHub.ca) that breaks systemic barriers to improve quality of lives of people in communities. To build an ecosystem of better home health for seniors, I worked with several not for profit organizations in the communities such as Social Services Network (SSN), Ontario Society of Seniors Citizens Organization (OSSCO), CyberSeniors, Student Helpers, Alzheimers Society of York etc..My mission is to work with these organizations to help improve the lives of seniors in the community bringing  social and wellness programs to their homes.

Working at Long Term Care homes, I realized the gap in culture competency in the offered care. So, I ensure that I bring home care in over 20 languages and culture competencies. Today 95% of my caregivers in the team are women. This intentional strategy is with a mission to provide jobs to those women that have a purpose to make a difference. I am the sole owner of UHH that and I give away 80% of the company earnings to her caregivers because my philosophy is not to be rich but rather reward front line workers.

Maya who?

Maya (Legal first name Bharti) Nathani, I am a certified homeopath from India and co-author of prominent books in homeopathy (‘Role of Homeopathy in Pediatrics’ and ‘Homeopathy in Respiratory and Dermatology’) related to pediatrics, respiratory and dermatology. I have over a decade of work experience in the Canadian healthcare industry. I have contributed over 500 volunteer hours to Ontario hospitals in this pandemic. I am a Honor Roll in the Registered Practical Nurse program at Durham school; I complete  my RPN program this summer 2022. I am the founder of Universal Health Hub with one goal in mind – keeping our loved ones at home for as long as possible. I am a recipient of several awards including the most recent Ontario Heroes National Volunteers’ Women Impact Award 2022 that was presented by the Member of Parliament  of Mississauga and Brampton.

Maya (Bharti) Nathani
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