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City of Toronto to hold property sale to recover unpaid taxes

The City of Toronto is holding a Sale of Land by Public Tender, known as a “property tax sale”, as a final step in the collection of overdue, unpaid property taxes.

Primera factura de impuestos a la propiedad ya circula en Toronto

Como cada año la ciudad de Toronto ya emitió facturas provisionales de impuestos a la propiedad para este 2022. Estas plantillas constituyen la primera de dos facturas de impuestos...

The rich must pay: the new petition in the U.S. Congress

A group of Democratic legislators is seeking to tax big fortunes in the United States, where workers should pay taxes until the last penny of their income, but the richest citizens only...

OECD recommends Europe reform tax rules

 The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recommended the European Union (EU) to re-evaluate fiscal rules to better guarantee sustainability of public finances and to enhance budgetary policies. In an economic...
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