Dominican Republic maintains economic recovery

The Dominican Republic maintains a positive rate of economic recovery and is expected to end the year with a 6- or 7-percent growth, local media reported.

According to Minister of Economy, Planning and Development Miguel Ceara, ‘Vaccination is essential, it is the defense we have, the threat of another outbreak of the disease is there and the only way to counter it is with the vaccine, so that we can keep the economy open’.

The official’s statements came when announcing the undertaking of 41 projects in 21 municipal districts with poverty rates of around 90 percent, which will help in the efforts to grow economically.

Projects will come to reality in small constructions, such as sidewalks, cemeteries, funeral houses, sports facilities, slaughterhouses, markets, parks, squares, environmental protection, reconstruction of streets and roads, basic social services, dumping sites and complementary works.

For works, the executive will allocate 119.7 million pesos (2.1 million dollars), which will have an impact on the quality of life of 89,774 people, will employ 1,488 workers for direct labor in the execution process and 453 indirectly once the projects are completed.