FAO calls for urgent action on sustainable soil management

FAO Director General Qu Dongyu called to take urgent action to improve information and capacities in favor of sustainable soil management.

The head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)took part in a video conference of the eighth edition of World Soil Day, which has been celebrated every December 5 by decision of the General Assembly since 2014.

Stopping salinization is the central topic this year, which according to Qu is one of the main threats to having healthy soils around the world.

The director general recalled that some 833 million hectares are affected by salinization in all corners of the planet, as shown in the World Soil Map presented in October.

He pointed out that it is a problem present in all regions, particularly in Near East, South America, North Africa, as well as in the Pacific and Central Asia.

The effects of salt on soils pose a significant risk to world food security, he noted, and called to seek innovative ways to make agri-food systems more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.