China rejects geopolitical ends in cooperation with Latin America

China rejected accusations of seeking geopolitical influence on its cooperation relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, and noted that these ties have the clear purpose of guaranteeing tangible benefits to the peoples.

Chinese Special Representative for Latin American Affairs Qiu Xiaoqi told Prensa Latina that the history of those ties alone dismantles such criticisms, because the parties remain determined to build a future of exchanges with more shared benefits.

According to Qiu, the peoples of the subcontinent are in the best position to offer opinions regarding the evolution of ties with China, and not the powers that look at it “with a cold war mentality and colored glasses.”

He supported his statement with the results of the 3rd ministerial meeting of the China-CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) forum, as the representatives of the region expressed high appreciation for the assistance and collaboration received from Beijing in recent years.

Qiu highlighted the strength of relations despite the tests of time and multiple adversities, and noted a trade volume estimated at 300 billion dollars consecutively since 2018 and the expectations of taking that figure above 400 billion dollars in 2021.

Commenting on the China-CELAC ministerial meeting, the official pointed out that Beijing will offer the region loans for local progress plans, and will grant 5,000 government scholarships to young people and 3,000 training places from 2022 to 2024.