Senator Robledo considers essential to review FTA in Colombia

Senator Jorge Enrique Robledo and presidential pre-candidate of the Centro Esperanza Coalition, said in an interview that without the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) being reviewed and ammended economic recovery will be difficult.

In his opinion, in order to boost productivity in the country, if the FTAs are not revised, there will be no way to recover the economy, and not only in terms of tariffs on clothing, other measures must be taken.

Colombia cannot pretend to compete with interest rates and access to credit as high as the existing ones, so if he wins the presidency, reforms should be proposed, Robledo explained.

FTA can be modified by mutual agreement of the parties or they can be denounced and he recalled the warnings made at the time about the inconveniences of these treaties for Colombia, he said.

“How are we going to compete with the United States if it is a country with subsidies of 50 billion dollars a year in agriculture and 86 billion in industry?” he questioned.

There is a problem that if it is not modified will not be sustainable, we cannot ask our producers to compete with the global economy if the only thing the Government gives them are bad treaties, he told this Portafolio.

According to his government proposals for next May’s elections, the economic priority is to do away with corruption.

One of the main failures of the national economy is the limited sources of employment and wealth that forced five million Colombians to leave the country in search of work.