Global preventive logistics observatory to be established in Panama

Panama will establish a global observatory that will allow identifying threats to the logistics sector.

According to the organizing committee of the 7th World Forum of Logistics Cities and Platforms, the platform will allow forecasting future risks or disruptions to the supply chains, a virtual tool, with advanced technology available to governments and institutions.

Argentinean Ricardo Partal, president of the World Organization of Logistics Cities and Platforms, explained that resource will make it possible to offer geospatial information on cartography, agrology, cadastre and geography, guaranteeing the official nature of the information at a global, regional or national levels.

“This is an advance that allows forecasting the risks faced by the supply chain and developing actions that promote the reliability of operating processes and decision-making in situations such as natural phenomena or armed conflicts, among others.

It is a very close network to publicize precautions when carrying loads but also accompaniments, we are not only going to prevent, but to suggest, and we are going to generate new transport routes,” Partal added.

The information can be consulted for data analysis and decision-making in each country by the interested parties, which is expected to bring benefits to the government institutions in charge of civil protection and disaster management, he indicated.

The establishment of the observatory will make it possible to build resilience in preventive logistics and strengthen behavior in the face of future impacts in risk management, as well as develop a greater capacity for immediate response to various situations.

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