New President of Peru proposes advancing elections to 2024

Dina Boluarte, the President put in place in replacement of Pedro Castillo, announced that she will soon present a bill to advance the general elections in two years, meanwhile facing a wave of protests against her in demand of new elections.

Boluarte spoke on television assuring that the initiative to call for new elections for April 2024 interprets the will of the citizens and the responsibility that exercising government implies, adding that she will send the bill to Congress in the coming days.

She stated that the bill will be agreed upon with the parties represented in Congress, and its approval involves constitutional reforms that should be approved expeditiously.

Until the day of the anticipated general elections, she will promote the agreement in Congress of a law for the Reform of the Political System.

The objective of this norm, according to her, is “to have a more efficient, transparent and participatory democratic system of government, free from all practice of corruption, and with political parties legitimized by citizens participation.”

She called for general engagement in this process of laying the legal and institutional foundations and democratic life of a united, free and socially just Peru.

Boluarte announced the declaration of a state of emergency in areas of high social conflict, in obvious allusion to the province of Andahuaylas, the main scene of the protests against her and the Congress and in favor of new elections and a referendum on a constituent assembly.

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