China stated that the true intention of the alliance between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom to develop hypersonic missiles is to create a bloc similar to NATO in the Asia-Pacific region.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman warned that the advance of this project will bring about more risks in the proliferation of nuclear weapons, boost the arms race in the region and undermine peace and stability.

He described this alliance as an Anglo-Saxon cliché, the continuity of the Cold War mindset and political confrontation, and called on the countries of this region to follow its evolution closely.

The spokesman urged Washington, Canberra and London to take into account the desire of the nations from the Asia-Pacifc region to keep peace, win-win cooperation and development, instead of encouraging a zero-sum game.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry spokesman repeated China’s opposition to sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine conflict, and demanded that the United States promote peace negotiations between the parties if it is really interested in defusing the crisis.