Chinese companies explore lithium mining project in Afghanistan

Representatives of several Chinese companies arrived in Afghanistan with special visasto assess projects to extract lithium and others have already signed contracts related to this activity.

According to Global Times newspaper, the trip took place at the beginning of this month after a coordination between the Chinese-Arab committee for economic-commercial promotion and the Afghan Ministry of Mining.

Amid friendly ties, the newspaper added, the interest of Chinese enterprises in Afghanistan’s mining sector grows as the vast reserves of copper and lithium are estimated at hundreds of billions dollars.

Experts believe the Central Asian state can even compete with Bolivia, currently the world leader in lithium deposits.

However, Chinese companies are concerned about the uncertainty and security of the Afghan territory, in a deep crisis after the departure of US troops in the summer.

Companies might wait until conditions improve and there is stability in the area, as there is the negative precedent of Aynak copper mining project.

This deposit is the second largest in the world, Chinese corporations got involved in its exploitation, but with little progress precisely because of insecurity.