Some 1,500 migrants cross Rio Bravo despite cold

Some 1,500 Central American migrants crossed the Rio Bravo through Chihuahua, Mexico, and formed a kilometer-long line next to the border fence on the US side as they wait to be attended to.
The contingent arrived in Ciudad de Juarez, Chihuahua, in 19 buses escorted by local Mexican police units, crossed the cold waters of the river, jumped the wall peacefully next to the border fence, and requested refuge in the United States.

Santiago Gonzalez Reyes, director of Juarez’s Human Rights Office, reported that about 850 undocumented migrants settled down to rest before crossing the border at the Kiki Romero municipal shelter. The others went to the Leona Vicario federal shelter.

Personnel from the General Directorate of Community Centers in Mexico provided them with 20 medical consultations and 60 blankets to protect them from the cold.

González Reyes pointed out that this is the first migrant caravan, consisting of citizens from Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Haiti, and other countries, which arrives in this border city.

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