Colombian politicians express concern over inflation increase

Several Colombian politicians expressed their concern about the increase in inflation, marked by the high prices of food and clothing, mainly.

“Inflation has already exceeded all the increase in the minimum wage and is on its way to leave more people in poverty than the pandemic (of Covid-19) and is disproportionately affecting the poorest and most vulnerable,” said the mayor of the capital, Claudia Lopez.

She stressed that it is urgent that the national government and macroeconomic authorities control inflation.

For his part, the presidential candidate of the Historical Pact and senator of Colombia Humana, Gustavo Petro, said that such increases generate the destruction of the national productive plant.

“A 26 percent increase in the price of food, by destroying our food production and importing, by destroying our production of fertilizers and importing them, means a substantial increase of hunger in the country, given that income does not grow in the same proportion”, he stressed.

According to income levels, for the fourth month of 2022 the Consumer Price Index (CPI) registered the highest annual variations in the poor and vulnerable groups with 11.26 percent and 11.07, respectively, confirmed last night the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE).

Data from that entity indicate that Colombia recorded inflation of 1.25 percent in April, bringing year-on-year inflation to 9.23 percent, the highest in 21 years.