Bolivia boosts cotton production

The Bolivian Government is promoting the execution of the National Program to Support Cotton Production in, for which it allocated a budget of more than 17,447,000 dollars.

As reported by the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands, the task seeks to strengthen cotton production in traditional and potential areas of the country, including those in the departments of Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca and Tarija.

The program will reach 1,200 families from 19 municipalities in the three departments, as per the entity’s report.

The operating entities will provide basic information, progress and results of the area, yield, agricultural production, as well as the municipalities and beneficiaries, their location and other information sent to the Ministry of Development Planning.

“The execution of the program from 2022 to 2025 expects to generate and validate technologies that allow improving productivity by expanding genetic variability, transferring knowledge and providing services,” detailed the institution, as quoted by the Bolivian Information Agency.

In addition, the program will improve and protect the phytosanitary condition of the crop to contribute to the increase in production and optimize the harvesting and post-harvest processes, in order to achieve competitive quality and develop sustainable markets at a national and international level.