Energy export project to Argentina advances in Bolivia

The President of Bolivia Luis Arce highlighted progress achieved in the project of energy export to Argentina.

“We are continuing the work to export electricity to neighboring countries. We resumed the Juana Azurduy project with the laying of a power line to Argentina, which is already 86 percent complete,” the President tweeted.

He added that once completed they will be able to sell 120 megawatts (MW) to Argentina.

As recently reported by the National Electricity Company (ENDE), the project includes the construction of a transmission line of around 110 kilometers, of which 40 are in Bolivian territory and 70 on the Argentinean side.

The line runs from the Yacuagua substation, in Bolivia, to the vicinity of the Tartagal substation, in Argentina.

Cited by the Bolivian Information Agency, the president of ENDE, Marco Escobar, explained that they will initially export 120 MW, a volume that will guarantee the stability of the electrical system in the north of Argentina.

He added that Bolivia currently has a surplus of 1,350 MW of electric power for industrialization and export, with an installed power of approximately 3,000 MW and an internal demand of 1,650 MW, from the different generation projects.