Nationalization of foreign companies leaving Russia proposed

The general secretary of the United Russia party, Andrei Turchak, said he is proposing to nationalize the properties of Western companies that are closing their businesses in the country during the military operation in Ukraine.

Turchak, also first deputy chairman of the Federation Council (Upper House of Parliament), called the action of those companies a “deliberate bankruptcy,” the party’s press service published.

“The West unleashed a war of sanctions against Russia, not only at governmental level, but also at the business level. Some companies are announcing their withdrawal from Russia and the closure of their enterprises. Lately, it was announced by Finland’s Valio and Paulig, Fazer did the same the day before,” he commented.

Turchak stressed that such measures lead to the dismissal of a large number of Russian workers overnight, as well as undermine their own economies.

He emphasized that the country’s main task is to save jobs and not to allow the economy and national production potential to be destroyed from within.

“This is a real war, waged not only against Russia as a whole, but against its citizens. We will not stand idly by. We will take harsh retaliatory measures, acting in accordance with the laws of wartime,” he pointed out.

Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24, after the authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR) people’s republics asked for help to repel Kiev’s aggression.

Earlier, Moscow recognized the independence and sovereignty of both territories and signed treaties of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance with their leaders, which included the establishment of diplomatic relations and military assistance.

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