Cuba reinforces Covid-19 control ahead of tourism reopening

Cuba is currently reinforcing the hygienic-sanitary protocols for the care of international travelers who will arrive in the country as of November 15, after the decision to open the borders and restart the tourist activity.

Since the news was announced, the authorities have been working on reviving the hotel plant, employing people and searching for supplies, because it will be gradually opened, Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Garcia said.

In a radio-televised speech, Garcia mentioned Varadero, which has been called to provide a service with a strict compliance with the protocols without lowering quality standards, while he stressed the need to generate revenues, and those hotels become an active source of services to the population.

Regarding the vaccination schemes, Garcia stated that more than 90 percent of the population will be immunized in November, so that after the decision was adopted, there is analysis, seriousness and responsibility.

The executive said that the intention is to do so with a renewed offer, high quality standards and satisfaction in what has been defined as a destination for peace, with the responsible participation of all workers in the adequacy and strict compliance with the protocols.