Mexico will not lose sovereignty to T-MEC, Lopez Obrador says

Mexico will not lose sovereignty to the Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada (T-MEC) due to consultations on the electricity law, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador noted.

Asked about the decision by both partners to apply a legal resource of the treaty to examine disagreements, among other things due to pressures from North American and Spanish transnational companies, and Mexican business people subordinate to them, the Mexican president reiterated his nationalist stance.

He added that there are three clear factors in the consultation process: first, Mexico’s proximity to the most important international market, second, honesty, and third, justice.

“If in the first case, having access to the market means losing sovereignty, we do not accept it, we are not going to surrender our independence to any foreign government. In the second case, they are not right, even though there are Mexican “traitor” who applaud them, that is to say, they are not honest”.

“And in the third case, it was not in vain that the initial negotiation was stopped for 15 days due to the famous article eight of the treaty because I opposed what former President Enrique Peña Nieto had already negotiated regarding the control of oil and gas, hydrocarbons, in favor of the partners of the T-MEC”.

“We managed to remove the submissive chapter and left the eighth chapter as Mexico had drafted it, because if it was not accepted there would be no treaty, as clear as that, and Donald Trump accepted”, declared.

He announced that he will send a letter to Biden explaining those details given that he did not participate in the T-MEC negotiations and is unaware of them, and he read the eighth article again.

He made it clear that bilateral relations are no longer by far those of “pure submission” as in the times of former President Felipe Calderon, who defended transnationals as a former employee of Iberdrola and says that a rupture is very serious.

It is an indispensable integration that has already advanced too far. It is no longer

“I am closing the border and I am going to harm you”. If you close it, you will harm yourself. These are different times, he said, clarifying that he is taking care of his language because we have respect for Biden, but let them assume their responsibility.