Damage to Mexico’s food security is worth 500 million dollars

The damage to Mexico’s Food Security (Segalmex) due to fiscal irregularities totals 9.5 billion pesos (500 million dollars), an official revealed.

The head of the Public Function Secretariat (SFP), Roberto Salcedo Aquino, appeared at President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s press conference at the National Palace to clarify the terms and consequences of that figure, observed in different auditing exercises, as he explained.

He said that both the SFP and the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) carried out auditing acts in the operation of Segalmex between 2019, when it emerged, and the close of 2021, and the former observed possible irregularities for the equivalent of 315 million dollars, and the latter for 142 million.

He explained that when he talks about “auditing of observed amounts” it should be understood only what is not observed in the file. Therefore, it is not necessarily a synonym of patrimonial damage, but of clarifications.

In other words, it means that all these amounts are in the process of clarification and, if necessary, physical recovery of this money.

Salcedo Aquino added that there are already 38 complaints for these alleged irregularities and possible property damage to Segalmex and the food companies derived from it, such as Diconsa and Lincos, filed by various agencies, which are in the investigation stage with a view to their prosecution.

He pointed out that the general crime being investigated is the unlawful use of attributions and powers, while the investigation files are being integrated under the perspective of organized crime.

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