Mexico achieves increase in corn and bean yields

Mexico managed to improve yields in the production of corn, cornfields and beans thanks to the Production for Wellbeing program, the official Atahualpa Estrada reported.

The program is being implemented in 500 municipalities with 784 agro-ecological technicians and there are 2,310 field schools and producers’ lots in the most remote areas.

The head of the technical team of the Undersecretariat of Food Self-Sufficiency of the Ministry of Agriculture revealed that only in corn there was a 25% increase, going from 2,66 tons per hectare in 2019 to 3,33 in 2021.

He added that in the case of cornfields it went from 0,93 to 1,24 tons per hectare in the same period, which is 34% more, and in beans it went from 0,17 to 0,71 tons, more than 300% increase.

The program supports around 1,3 million producers of up to 20 hectares, the technician explained.

He said that last year production costs rose to 14,000 pesos (737 dollars) per hectare in corn, but at the same time yields rose, so that in the end there was a 1,0% reduction in costs.

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