Canada will support projects for climate resilience in the Caribbean

Canada is committed today to projects in the Caribbean after announcing a total of 127.75 million dollars to finance initiatives that will help increase climate resilience and improve gender equality.

The funds will also contribute to plans to promote justice services and access to vaccines against the Covid-19 pandemic in the area, the Ottawa Government notified.

According to a statement, the announcement was made by the Minister of International Development of this North American country, Harjit Sajjan, regarding a trip to Barbados and Jamaica from January 9 to 14.

During the tour, the also head of Canada’s Pacific Economic Development Agency committed $750,000 to Dominica’s Climate Resilience Execution Agency and $12 million to Jamaica’s Social Justice project.

Another 45 million dollars will go to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), while the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) will receive an allocation of 70 million.

Sajjan reiterated the country’s support for him to address the vulnerabilities of Small Island Developing States and improve access to finance, the source added.

The minister’s stay in those territories included debates on regional disaster management and women’s empowerment, as well as dialogues with the World Food Program and coordinators of the United Nations Organization (UN).

According to experts, the Small Island Developing States appear among the most vulnerable to climate change, and those of the Caribbean are especially exposed to frequent and intense natural phenomena.