St. Petersburg Forum approaches Russia-Latin America relations

The possibilities to increase cooperation between Russia and Latin America is one of the issues to be debated at the 24th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, local media highlighted this week.

Victor Jeifets, editor-in-chief of America Latina magazine, told Sputnik news agency that Moscow attaches increasing importance to cooperation with Latin American countries.

He said that the level of contacts exceeds in some cases those during the Soviet Union’s period, and in this regard, he highlighted the progress in cooperation in the last few months with the purchase of Russia’s Covid-19 vaccines.

For Jeifets, the shipments of the Sputnik-V vaccines to Latin America contributed to promote Russia’s positive image in the region, a fact that should be used to ‘develop more ties and more contacts.’

Jeifets, who is also a professor at St. Petersburg State University, warned that there is still ‘a long way to go’, drawing attention on the need to diversify trade.