Delivery of food vouchers begin in Argentina

Argentina’s National Administration of Social Security confirmed the beginning of payment of the first installment of a Food Reinforcement for Adults without Income, a measure that will benefit people between 18 and 64 years of age.

According to the institution, 22,500 Argentinean pesos (135 dollars) will be paid as of today, and another installment for the same amount will be issued in December.

Recently, Government Spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti explained that this action is aimed at supporting those who do not have other State assistance or registered assets.

She pointed out that, despite receiving a country indebted by former President Mauricio Macri, with 50-percent inflation and a 20-percent drop in real wages, the administration of President Alberto Fernández has recovered and faced the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Over the last three years, more than one million citizens were removed from poverty, 1,300,000 got jobs and four million received the universal allowance for children, the Alimentar card, or other benefits for the development of life in the communities, she said.

We are complying with the science financing law, we are carrying out the project for the construction of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline and we have achieved that Argentina plays a major role in the world, especially in the energy sector, the spokeswoman added.

Cerruti regretted that ‘all this does not appear in the newspapers, which also do not reflect the inauguration of an early childhood center per day, the delivery of more than 60,000 houses to needy families and the work to finish 140,000 more.’

We are proud of what we have done so far and we are convinced that we must continue working.

With this spirit we will continue carrying this government forward, she said.

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