Trade union in Uruguay concerned over repression of demands

The Uruguayan trade union center PIT-CNT expressed concern about what it considered excessive repression of port workers who demanded a negotiation of labor agreements from the employer company.

The president of PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, arrived to the place to try to “decompress”, in his words, a situation created by a large contingent of deployed Republican Guard troops, who dragged participants of a strike and placed handcuffs on some of them.

In a subsequent press conference, the secretary of labor relations and conflicts, Daniel Diverio, criticized the repressive corporate response instead of seeking a dialogue, which he compared to a police attack days ago on a demonstration of the transport union, which was fired rubber bullets at.

Diverio argued that what happened “goes through the application of the Urgent Consideration Law (LUC) to the letter in this way of torpedoing the possibility of workers to demand their just rights.”

For their part, the members of the Single Union of Freight Transportation and Related Branches (SUCTRA) expressed “deep repudiation of the actions of the police officers who, under the protection of the LUC, dissolved the peaceful demonstration that we were developing in the area of entry to the port of Montevideo”.

They affirmed in a public document that “the beatings, the handcuffs, the dragging of companions on the floor, are expressions of power that take us back to dark times in our most recent history.”