China with more havoc and victims due to downpours and flood

China reported more deaths, an increase in the number of victims and economic losses due to the continuous heavy downpours and with record volumes in southern, eastern and central provinces.

The deaths occurred after the collapse of a house in a city in Fujian (east), where teaching was also cancelled, 429 villages were affected and 63,810 people were evacuated and displaced due to security risks in their places of residence.

Images published in the press show the city of Sanming in that district affected by landslides and floods that cover even the roofs of cars after the overflowing of a river.

Fujian authorities also spoke of a disaster in state and family agriculture due to the loss of entire fields planted with rice, fruits, corn and other grains.

In the also eastern province of Jiangxi, rainfall and floods damaged another 80,000 people and 4,200 hectares of crops.

To the south, the Ministry of Water Resources described the flooding of the Pearl River as serious and mobilized brigades of specialists for emergency operations in Guangdong and Zhuang of Guangxi, both riverside districts of the tributary.

The Chinese government maintains the disaster alert in these and other territories of the country in view of forecasts of continued rains for the rest of the week.