Changes in life: from Peru to Canada and then to… India!


Carol Marocho, Peruvian language consultant, based in Toronto.
Carol Marocho

Change is good. Right? At least that’s what everyone has to say when someone is going through a heck of a change. They try to cheer you up by comforting you and make you believe that whatever it is you’re going through is positive. Smile! Oh well, it can be scary as heck too!
I had just turned 18 when my mother and I chose to make Canada home. Away from everything that I knew and was used to, I decided to jump into this unknown pool of possibilities like a pro acrobat about to perform his final show with the only difference being that I had no clue what it is that I was doing and what was waiting on the other side. Taking the chance of my life.
Canada was very good to us. Extremely good! I got used to its cold, its system, the language and embraced the never-ending multiculturalism proudly way too fast.
This had been as much of a personal experience as personal growth.
Canada made me an adult. It shaped me. It reinforced whatever my homeland had instilled in me. It made me aware that things can be seen from many points of view and not everything has to be black or white.

It gave me the Canadian perspective vs my Latin American perspective and the choice to decide which one is the best and fits the situation. I felt (and still do feel) privileged to be able to have that insight that many weren’t able to experience. Four years down the line and I was speaking English fairly well, with a diploma under my arm, a decent work experience and as happy as I could be!
Many people couldn’t adapt to the customs so different from the over protective/family centered, laid back way of living. So many people complain about lack of opportunities.
I think one has to go and look for them rather than waiting for it to fall on one’s lap. I’m extremely proud of my mother. She broke every cliché or myth that someone that comes here late in life has little to no choice but to do a mundane work just to make ends meet. She never missed an ESL class, (sometimes we’d go together), worked a full day job and went to college. Got her PSW degree and now keeps on studying.
This country can be good. But it can’t do everything for you. You got to throw a bit of hard work into your potion.What I didn’t foresee coming in this equation was falling in love pretty young and changing the structured, peaceful life of Toronto for the bustling life of India!

*Peruvian language consultant, based in Toronto.