Dispelling Myths About Insurance



As an insurance agent, I encounter many people who admit to being confused about their insurance coverage.


Confusion can not only lead to improper coverage, but also to the belief in insurance myths that can lead you to making decisions that may not be in your best interest. I’d like to take a moment to debunk three common myths I’ve encountered.


Myth: A red car will cost more to insure.


Fact:  The colour of your car has no bearing on your premiums. It’s determined by many factors, including:

  • the kind of vehicle
  • how often you’ll drive it
  • your driving record
  • where you live

So if you see a red car you like- go on and buy it.


Myth: Getting the number of demerit points lowered or removed from a traffic ticket will help prevent your insurance from rising.


Fact:  Convictions for moving violations, whether they come with demerit points or not, will affect your insurance. While you may save money in fines, convictions definitely come into play when calculating your insurance premium.



Myth:  Insurance is a “get it and forget it” purchase.


Fact: Insurance needs change over time and it’s a good idea make sure your coverage fits your current circumstances. Consider reviewing your policy when:


  • your teen is ready to drive
  • you’ve renovated your house
  • it’s time to retire


These changes may affect the type and amount of coverage you need.



If you’d like to learn more, or are curious about other myths you may have heard, call me at 647-560-2035, or send me an email at ( jzavala@allstate.ca). For more helpful tips and information, you can also visit us online at www.allstate.ca.