FIVARS offers the magic of 360 degree

The 6th annual FIVARS Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories is taking place from October 7th through November 2nd 2020, showcasing an expertly-curated selection of immersive experiences from around the world, featuring many North American and World premieres.

FIVARS entertains, enlightens, surprises, shocks, and educates with experiences from a diverse group of content creators, from Qatar to Germany, South Korea to Spain, sharing their heartfelt stories, ground-breaking visual effects, and incisive documentaries using this rapidly evolving medium.

Featuring stories of hope and resilience, a young Puerto Rican trans, queer, and inter-sex community builds an alternative drag scene post-Hurricane Maria in The Heart of Puerto Rico. An insurgent whose life is changed by a magical note from his daughter in Warsaw Rising, takes us into the underground tunnels and the hot exchange of gunfire in the streets. These stories and more are available in the FIVARS 360° Theatre.

The theatre boasts many custom innovations and is powered by the Janus open source framework and Amazon Web Services (also the engine behind Netflix and Hulu). 

FIVARS Interactive Selections (require a VR headset) invite you to play with sonic landscapes in The Symphony of Noise, where you can make, hear, see, and feel sound in a way not possible before, and to explore the Notre Dame cathedral as it was captured before the fire and then restored to its former glory in Rebuilding Notre Dame.

“In a time when attention deficit runs high and news and marketing bombards us from all sides, immersive stories are able to singularly envelop the viewer and transmit context and culture that is so often missed,” says Keram Malicki-Sanchez, executive director of FIVARS. “We firmly believe in nurturing the evolution of this medium, that has enormous transformative power, and untapped potential,” he added.

During the age of pandemic, FIVARS has transformed their five-year-old traditional physical VR and AR festival into a multi-user spatialized online world for the web, where attendees assume the form of a Spacefish so they can swim among these custom-designed interactive spaces.

Optimized for instant-on playback of 4K surround content with spatial audio, the custom-built platform pushes the envelope of what immersive media can become, and virtual festivals can, and will, become.

The 360° Theatre requires no proprietary downloads or additional software. Just a ticket and a curiosity about the world today and the stories told by its leading content creators. More information at

(Information provided by FIVARS)