Society for the Fight Against Cancer

Society for the Fight Against Cancer
Society for the Fight Against Cancer

On March 2014, Karla Edgar, our eldest daughter participated on a two week service trip to Ecuador.

Karla came back thrilled with the work she accomplished, the new friends she made and her new perspective to community service. Her eyes opened to an unknown world but also her heart where she learned to be sensitive to the world and to the needs of others. On Christmas day we granted her wish to come back to Ecuador and as a family we are raising funds to support paediatric Cancer for SOLCA (Society for the Fight Against Cancer).
As a cancer survivor this cause is near and dear to me. Childhood cancer incidence rates have increased over recent decades in the developed world. It is estimated that more than 175,000 children develop cancer every year globally and that around 96,000 of these children do not survive. In the developed world, most children diagnosed with cancer have a reasonably positive outlook. Survival rates in the developing world fall far short of this.
In Ecuador SOLCA is the only hospital with well functioning infrastructure that offers radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer patients. In each province there is a provincial hospital and the counties have only health centers. The government subsidizes 60% of the cost for treatments with a monthly average income of US$200 most parents cannot afford treatment so they withdraw and return home with their children with the only hope of a miracle.
The Canadian Circle of Friends is organizing a Gala on Saturday February 7th, 2015 at Seasons Restaurant in Oakville to raise funds for SOLCA. We can only achieve our goal with the assistance of generous donations from members of our community.
You can help change a child’s life forever in 3 ways:
1.Sponsor the event and receive promotion & advertising (does not qualify for a tax receipt). Advertising includes: Signage and recognition at the event, and receive a Certificate of Recognition and Community Involvement.
2.Provide an Auction Item or a gift-in-kind of a product or service and receive promotion and advertising.
3.Purchase tickets and join us!
We hope that you will help support our efforts. With heartfelt thanks,The Edgar family

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