Hispanics are booming in Canada

71roLw+sjkLThe Spanish-speaking market in Canada is quietly taking a foothold in the Canadian economy, practically unobserved by mainstream Canada. But the community is no longer satisfied to sit back and be overlooked.   Hi$panicBoom: a $5billion Opportunity, authored by Pina Russo and Manuel Rodriguez, provides a visual portrayal of the Hispanic Canadian and insights into this growing yet “invisible” market in Canada. Written as an infographic eBook, it is targeted to marketers, communicators and those whose job is to reach new markets and increase their consumer base.   From in-depth research undertaken of the Hispanic market, a thorough analysis is presented in the book in a clear and graphically pleasing manner. As the authors stated, it is to be used as a tool “to connect, engage and create strategies to take advantage of the Hispanic opportunity.”   The eBook compares the Hispanics in Canada with those in the US (they are more than 50 million in the US) and offers this advice: “Hispanics in Canada differ in many psychographic variables from the Hispanics in the US. Do not replicate the American model to target them. Consider an insight-driven strategy and stay away from the ‘total market approach’.”   It states that due to a comprehensive immigration system, Canada has attracted the brightest and best from Latin America. Some of the insights provided are:

  • Majority of the immigrants come from Mexico (30%) and Colombia (19%)
  • Quebec (30%) has the highest number of Hispanics, followed by Ontario (28%)
  • The Hispanic woman is the driving force behind purchase decisions
  • Hispanics are “tech-forward” consumers
  • Hispanics in Canada are more likely to have a college degree, own their own home and are employed in professional occupations
  • The majority of Hispanic millennials watch TV/video on their smartphones

Hi$panicBoom: a $5billion Opportunity, which is available through Amazon, is great resource for any company that is looking for new markets.