An open space for a cross-cultural dialogue


Several years ago, I was reluctant to the idea of having a publication aimed towards the Hispanic-Canadian community with content written in Spanish and English. I thought that we, the Hispanic community media, should be the first in defending and promoting our cultural values, language being one of the most important.

Time has passed and now, in charge of the editorial content of CORREO Canadiense, I have made up my mind.I still think one of our responsibilities is to be the guardians of our core values, but it doesn’t mean we can’t open a space for a cross-cultural dialogue. That dialogue is also necessary for many reasons.

One is that engulfing ourselves in our own language will support the idea of a ghetto, therefore isolating us from the rest of society.

Second, because there is a need to share with pride what we are, what we contribute to the country we all call home now.

And third, because we need to be able to know how others see us, what issues affect our relationship with the Anglo-Saxon community and to voice our perspective on broader matters that have an impact in our life as individuals and as a community.

So, this space is open for Canadians from other backgrounds, those who are interested in latin culture; for those who are part of the second and third generations of Latin Americans and for Spanish-speaking individuals who want to contribute to this dialogue.

The bridges/puentes are in place. Welcome to cross them, from both ends. Hopefully, we will find a way of understanding and respecting our differences and appreciating each one’s richness and values.

Please,  if you are interested in joining this section, send your contributions –word document, no more than 350 words- to