El Pact for a Green New Deal en Canadá

El Green New Deal presentado por Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ante el público estadounidense el pasado 10 de mayo ha tenido una repercusión casi inmediata en Canadá, donde más de 80 organizaciones de la sociedad civil (ninguna de ellas hispana o latina) y cientos de personalidades de la ciencia, las artes o el activismo social como David Suzuky, Neil Young o Naomi Klein se han adherido a su plataforma. Reproducimos aquí la invitación para que tu también puedas hacerlo….  Ninguno de estos temas nos debería ser ajeno.


The climate crisis is here. Arctic permafrost is melting, forests, towns, and Indigenous territories are burning. States of emergency –declared for once-in-a-century floods- are becoming commonplace, and millions around the world already face dislocation and starvation.

But that’s not the only thing keeping us up at night. Many of us are struggling to find an affordable place to live, or a decent job to support our families. Hate crimes and racism are on the rise. And promises to Indigenous peoples have yet to be implemented.

We need an ambitious plan to deal with multiple crises at the same time.

A bold and far reaching plan to cut emissions in half in 11 years in line with Indigenous knowledge and climate science, create more than a million good jobs you can support a family with, and build inclusive communities in the process.

We need a Green New Deal for everyone. And we need everyone to be a part of building it.

Will you join the movement?